Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Virgin America Simply Rocks

Blatant plug for Virgin America, simply because they deserve it. We are flying to JFK free of charge, they waved baggage fees, when the director realized that he had left his wallet in the car, they literally set up an employee chain that helped get it to him in time to make the flight, they announced us being on the flight and thanked us, they have offered us free food, drinks, and movies, and one of them just came up to me and mentioned that they throw all of the extra food out at the end of the flight and wondered if we would take it with us for the doctors or anyone else, which we will do. And to top it all off, i was mentioning about trying to get supplies down to St Damiens and they are looking into Virgin taking boxes for free for me from LA to fort lauderdale. Just unbelievable.

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